The How, Where, and Why of biosolids

More on how biosolids are generated and processed….. All that is flushed down your toilets and is sent to you local sewage treatment facility is considered biosolids after it is treated. It is pre-treated typically first to remove any hazardous contaminants then sent on the wastewater treatment plant. There it is monitored and undergoes a physical, chemical and biological process to clean the wastewater and remove the solids. It is sometimes necessary to treat it with lime to raise the pH level which eliminates some of the odor.  This entire process also sanitizes the solids to control pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and parasites-all which can cause diseases. From there it is ready to be disposed of. Where you might ask?? It can be disposed of at landfills or the method we prefer is reclying it as fertilizer for farmland. Biosolids help improve and maintain productive soils and stimulate plant growth. Why do farmers use biosolids??  By using biosolids farmers greatly reduce their need for chemical fertilizers. The controlled application of biosolids completes a natural cycle in the environment. In fact farmers have been recycling biosolids for ages and it is used in all 50 states!

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