Why Wealing Brothers?

25 years of experience in biosolids management and application.

Wealing Brothers is headquartered in the heart of America’s Midwest, allowing for regional and national service and transport opportunities. But honestly, it comes down to three core values: Experience, Efficiency and Customer Service.


Service Highlights

Liquid & Dewatered Transporting

Wealing Brothers has a fleet of vehicles to transport the removed liquid or dewatered biosolids to their various destinations. These destinations include our land application sites, landfills and the Wealing Brothers Biosolid Center. Read more

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We have over 25 years of experience in biosolids management and application. We bring a farming background and experience in biosolids management to every project. Our team understands the full spectrum of the boisolids industry, from removal to proper land application to cleaning and digestion.


We are efficient to ensure we don’t waste your time or budget. We believe in the following efficiencies:

An owner or member of senior management is on-site to manage all projects which allows for immediate approval of any project changes or modifications.

Our regional biosoldios storage facility ensures customers receive a complete removal experience.



The storage facility allows us to make certain the correct IDEM and/or EPA paperwork and analytical testing is completed.

We’re headquartered in the Midwest, which allows us to provide comprehensive waste transportation services.


Customer Service

Wealing Brothers is dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience. We believe that you shouldn’t have downtime when planning your project which is why it only takes one phone call to begin your project. We provide a quick response rate to all inquires, limiting your project downtime.Since an owner or member of senior management is on-site at each project, access to our management team, can’t get much easier. Our teams manage a variety of waste removal and application projects and provide assistance with:

Acquiring and completing permits and paperwork.


Creating strategic solutions to any challenges that may arise onsite.

Instantly approving changes and/or modification, limiting any unnecessary downtime.

Corporate Address:

           4161 North 600 East
           Fowler, Indiana 47944

Phone:  (219) 261-2520

Email: [email protected]

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