Benefits of Biosolids


The application of biosolids to your land offers the following long-term benefits: suppresses disease-causing pest organisms; produces good soil structure; improves water infiltration, oxygen diffusion, and water-holding capacity; retains nitrogen and other nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, and phosphorus; makes nutrients available for plant growth at the times and rates plants require; decomposes plant residues rapidly; produces hormones that help plants grow; and consumes pollutants in the soil.

Beyond N-P-K

Fields that have been fertilized with 200 lbs of commercial nitrogen per acre have had equal or greater yields as fields fertilized with 150-170 lbs of biosolids. A single biosolid application generally supplies all the required nitrogen and phosphorus that a crop desires, but that is only one of the initial benefits.

Plant Food Rather Than Fertilizer

In addition to supplying the nitrogen, phosphorus, and prime micronutrients, biosolids application greatly enhances the microorganism growth and activity within the soil. These microorganisms provide the “plant food” necessary to develop a strong, healthy, high yielding crop.

Strong Soil

One of the biggest benefits of building a strong, healthy soil structure with biosolids is good soil tilth that stores air and water and also cultivates easily. A plant’s nutrient and water is in direct proportion to the plant’s hair root mass. Compacted soils which restrict hair root development rob plants of needed nutrients and moisture.

Service Highlights

Liquid & Dewatered Transporting

Wealing Brothers has a fleet of vehicles to transport the removed liquid or dewatered biosolids to their various destinations. These destinations include our land application sites, landfills and the Wealing Brothers Biosolid Center. Read more

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