Off-Site Biosolids
Disposal & Storage

Supplying the nitrogen, phosphorus, and prime micronutrients, biosolids application greatly enhances the microorganism growth and activity within the soil.

Wealing Brothers provides custom off-site biosolid disposal and storage services in full compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations. We are located conveniently in the Midwest and thus have a quick response rate—in fact, we provide a quick response rate to all inquires, limiting project downtime. We currently serve a variety of industries including municipal wastewater treatment plants, food processors, ethanol plants, pharmaceutical companies, and paper mills.

Service Highlights

Liquid & Dewatered Transporting

Wealing Brothers has a fleet of vehicles to transport the removed liquid or dewatered biosolids to their various destinations. These destinations include our land application sites, landfills and the Wealing Brothers Biosolid Center. Read more

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Personalized Service

Wealing Brothers is able to respond quickly and remove biosolids by working directly with you and finding the unique, strategic solution that best fits you needs. We will even assist you with the permits and paperwork that are required to properly dispose of the biosolids. One of our owners will be on site during the process so that any modifications that are necessary can be approved and executed immediately.

After the removal process is complete, Wealing Brothers will conduct analytical testing for you. We will also report the amount of lan application of the biosolids along with the rate and locations of the land application. By choosing Wealing Brothers, you can see first hand how your biosolid waste can be re-purposed to create a fertilization solution for farmland.

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