Hydraulic Dredging Services

We remove sediment or solids from the bottom of lakes, ponds, channels or lagoons.

If you need to remove sediment or solids from the bottom of a lake, pond, channel or lagoon, Wealing Brothers can help. Hydraulic Dredging is one of the least invasive and most cost-effective methods of removing sediment from a lake bottom. It removes solids from the lake bottom without disrupting the water surface or removing water, and our equipment can reach depths of up to 20 feet. Wealing Brothers will work with you and create a tailored solution for your unique body of water and its hydraulic dredging needs.

Service Highlights

Liquid & Dewatered Transporting

Wealing Brothers has a fleet of vehicles to transport the removed liquid or dewatered biosolids to their various destinations. These destinations include our land application sites, landfills and the Wealing Brothers Biosolid Center. Read more

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