Biosolids vs. Sludge and why do we have them?

Biosolids are just treated sewage sludge. We have biosolids as a result of the wastewater treatment process. Technology has made water treatment much safer in recent decades. As little as 30 years ago American cities dumped raw sewage directly into lakes and rivers! It’s hard to believe, but through regulations all biosolids are now treated, monitored and disposed of according to state and federal regulations. Depending on local governments the treated biosolids are then disposed of in a landfill, incinerated or recycled as fertilizer. More on that process later…..


Spring is here! We are thrilled to see it warm up and are eager to start working in the fields. We have started our spring land application of biosolids and planting is just around the corner.

They are makingĀ great progress on our new shop!