More on Recycling Biosolids

Using biosolids as fertilizer on farmground is a great way to recycle them. About 50% of all biosolids are currently used that way. However they are used on less than 1% of the nations agricultural land. Biosolids have been shown to produce significant improvements in crop growth and yield. They contain many nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. All of which are necessary for crop production. The use of biosolids can replenish organic matter that has been depleted over time. Improved organic matter means the soils ability to absorb and store moisture increases. The use of biosolids can save farmers significantly on their fertilizer bills. Here at Wealing Brothers we use biosolids on all of our farms!!

In other news…..

We are working hard to finish the interior of our new shop. It’s coming along nicely!

Harvest is in full swing here and we are thankful that we have corn to harvest this year, especially after the drought we experienced last year. Fall land application has also started so we are extra busy here!!